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Lava Rock: Beautiful and Beneficial

What is Lava Rock?

Lava Rock is mined from the Nazko Cone Volcano in beautiful British Columbia near Quesnel and is supplied by CanLava. The great thing about this location is that one side of the volcano is a beautiful rusty red colour—it feels like you are on Mars when you are there. The other side of the volcano is a rich black colour. This provides a unique opportunity to use a local product with two fantastic colour options.

Current Problems You May Be Experiencing

  • Rotting/Dis-colouring Mulches: You may have existing wood mulch in your garden that is rotting away and discouring. Lava rock will not lose its colour and does not decompose.

  • Garden Soil Dries Out Quickly: If nothing covers the existing soil around your garden and landscape, it will dry out quickly in the sun. Applying Lava Rock protects the soil and may reduce water usage by a third.

  • Your Garden or Landscape is Overrun by Weeds: One of the main reasons that weeds can thrive is due to the soil's exposure to the sun. Covering the soil with Lava Rock will block out the sun and inhibit weed growth.

  • Existing Mulch Doesn't Allow Water to Penetrate: Some complaints that we hear about wood mulch are that it doesn't allow water to penetrate the soil as much. Lava Rock is "free-draining," meaning that it allows water through without retaining it.


Lava Rock as a Mulch

Lava rock as a mulch helps tie all the components of your garden and landscape together and gives your yard a natural flow. Lava rock has many uses in organic gardening. It can impact how plants grow and how much work a gardener puts in. Being natural in origin, it has no environmental impacts like artificial mulches do.

CanLava’s Red Basalt and Black Scoria are excellent mulches as they help prevent excess evaporation, improve soil drainage, prevent weeds, etc. Lava rock is a popular decorative yet functional mulch as it is not simply a rock material but a rock material with many value-added benefits. Offered in both black and red, the colours of lava rock are determined by the minerals present in the rock and the cooling process


Lava Rock as a Soil Conditioner???

Lava rock is also an excellent soil conditioner for soils that need increased aeration and drainage. Remineralization is one of the processes in restoring a soil's health; as adept as plants are, they cannot produce minerals essential to health and nutrition. The solution to his problem is adding rocks or rock dust rich in micro-nutrients, trace elements and minerals to the soil. These compounds are extremely important to plants' life cycle and enhance beneficial microbes' flourishing ability. Rock minerals are the building blocks of healthy soil; results include improved plant structure, increased resistance to pests and disease, and more intense flavour profiles for fruits and vegetables.


Lava Rock Options: We carry two Lava Rock options, Red 3/8"-1" and Black 3/8".

Red Lava Rock (3/8"-1"): 

Black Lava Rock (3/8")


How Do I Get Some Lava Rock?

There are a few ways you can get some Lava Rock. We sell it in any quantity you require; you can even bring your pails, totes, or garbage can and fill them up. We will provide the shovel.


Get it Loaded: Come on down to 180 River Road, and we can load your vehicle or trailer. We have a convenient drive-thru window, so you do not even need to get out of your vehicle. The drive-thru accepts cash, debit and credit cards. You can also preorder at if you prefer.


Get it Delivered: We have multiple delivery trucks of various sizes so you always have the right truck for the job. Our trucks are smaller and more agile than most, so we won't tear up your driveway or try to back in a trailer. The easiest way to book a delivery is to visit, click the product you are looking for, choose a delivery date, pay, and get it delivered, often on the same day. The website even lets you choose your dump location using a Google Maps pin.


Get it Bagged: We have bags with a maximum of one cubic yard. These bags help keep the soil contained when you don't have a great place to dump it. These bags can be delivered to your location or loaded onto your truck or trailer.

Have any other questions? We are happy to assist in any way we can. Call us at 778-349-7623 or email



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