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Why Should You Choose Cedar Mulch?

Our Most Popular Wood Mulch

Natural wood mulches are a very popular product when it comes to gardening and landscape beautification. In our opinion Western Red Cedar is the best option compared to Douglas Fir and Pine mulches.

What Are the Benefits of Mulch?

First, let's discuss the benefits of using mulch in general:

Retains Moisture: Mulch around your plants helps to retain moisture in the soil.

Suppresses Weeds: The density of the mulch helps to suppress weeds by removing the sunlight.

Protects Soil: It prevents the top of the soil from being irradiated by harmful sun rays.

Feeds Soil: Natural wood mulch breaks down and decays into organic matter that helps make better soil, feeds soil microbiome and feeds plants as they grow.

Western Red Cedar Benefits

Now for what makes cedar mulch stand out from the rest:

Smells Amazing: Cedar mulch has the wonderful scent of cedar.

Deters Bugs: The delightful aroma also helps repel bugs such as ants, beetles, moths and aphids. The fresher the mulch, the more effective the bug deterrent will be.

Protects Your Plants: Cedar contains a naturally antimicrobial chemical called thujaplicin, which is antibacterial and antifungal.

Slow Decomposition: Cedar decomposes slowly compared to other wood mulches, taking years to break down, so your beds must be replenished less often. The same natural chemicals that give cedar mulch a great scent and deter bugs are also responsible for the slower decomposition.

Looks Great: The rich, beautiful tones of Western Red Cedar mulch will lighten up any landscape.

Great Value: Compared to Fir Mulch or Rubber Mulch the price cannot be beat. Fir Mulch is close to twice the price and doesn't have all the benefits of cedar.

Locally Supplied: We are getting our cedar from a great supplier in McBride, BC.

Available in Bags: We also offer both the cedar and mulch in a pre-bagged option containing two cubic feet each.

Cedar Mulch Options: We carry two cedar mulch options, Cedar Bark Mulch and Cedar Chips.

Cedar Bark Mulch: Shredded cedar mulch creates an airy light layer over the soil. Its fine texture works best with smaller plants such as annuals and perennials. Mulch minimizes weed growth, insulates from the heat or cold and holds in the moisture. The mulch is made from the bark of the cedar which gives it an attractive darker colour to it compared to the cedar chips.

Cedar Chips: Due to their dense nature, Cedar Chips are best used in beds with larger plants, bushes, and trees. They also work great on the walkways between your garden beds. Chips have similar benefits to mulch. The chips are made from the heart of the cedar tree.

How to I get some? We have multiple ways for you to get your hands on some cedar mulch:

Get it Loaded: Come on down to 180 River Road, and we can load your vehicle or trailer. We have a convenient drive-thru window, so you do not even need to get out of your vehicle. The drive-thru accepts cash, debit and credit cards. You can also preorder at if you prefer.


Get it Delivered: We have multiple delivery trucks of various sizes so you always have the right truck for the job. Our trucks are smaller and more agile than most, so we won't tear up your driveway or try to back in a trailer. The easiest way to book a delivery is to visit, click the product you are looking for, choose a delivery date, pay, and get it delivered, often on the same day. The website even lets you choose your dump location using a Google Maps pin.


Get it Bagged: We have bags with a maximum of one cubic yard. These bags help keep the soil contained when you don't have a great place to dump it. These bags can be delivered to your location or loaded onto your truck or trailer.

Have any other questions? We are happy to assist in any way we can. Call us at 778-349-7623 or email


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