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Why Is Our Garden Mix Soil So Popular?

Updated: May 6

Problems You May Be Facing

Are you tired of spending your whole summer tending to your garden only to have subpar results? Is your current soil full of weeds or composted landfill waste? Does it lack the nutrients required, forcing you to add chemical additives?  Does your soil dry out constantly because it will not retain the proper moisture? Maybe your plant's roots rot due to lack of proper drainage? Our Garden Mix soil is designed to solve these problems, providing you with a hassle-free gardening experience.


Not All Garden Soils Are the Same.

Our Garden Mix is not your average garden soil. It's a pre-blended soil that combines the best of Peat Moss and Compost. Its unique composition, a perfect blend of Sphagnum Peat, Sledge Peat, and Diatomaceous earth (calcium snail shells), sets our Peat Moss apart. We then enrich this mix with a fully matured mushroom compost blend, creating a soil with a complete nutrient profile. This unique blend not only improves plant growth but also enhances moisture retention and drainage, making it a perfect choice for your garden. It's no wonder we've been the top choice for local gardening groups for years.


Gardening is hard work, but when you start with our Garden Mix, you'll have more time to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour! 


The Difference Between Garden Soil, Topsoil and Compost

Compost is generally an amendment you would use to enrich your soil and is not intended to be used by itself, while topsoil is a generic term for the top layer of organic soil found on land, which may or may not have a nutrient profile.


Our Garden Soil blends topsoil and compost to create an environment perfect for growing plants. The Peat Moss topsoil retains water while allowing excess water to flow through, preventing the plant's roots from rotting. We then add a matured mushroom compost blend to add a rich nutrient profile.


What is Garden Mix Used For?

The garden mix is great for vegetable & fruit gardens, annual and perennial flowers, and shrubs.


Why Does the Garden Soil Have Shells?

One of the unique characteristics of our soil is small snail fossil shells that are thousands of years old. These shells enrich the soil with added calcium.


Here are some of the benefits of calcium for plants:

Stronger Cell Walls: Calcium helps to make cell walls stronger, which makes plants more resistant to damage from wind, rain, and pests.

Healthy Roots: Calcium is essential for the development of healthy roots. Healthy roots help plants absorb water and nutrients more efficiently.

Better Fruit Quality: Calcium improves the quality of fruits and vegetables, making them more flavorful, nutritious, and resistant to spoilage.

Increased Yields: Calcium can help increase crop yields for tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.


Why Does It Seem So Expensive?

For years, we have had a reputation for excellent garden soil; to do that, we had to source the best materials. Our peat moss comes from a bog in Quesnel, the region's highest-quality and cleanest source of peat. It is unique because it contains a perfect blend of Sphagnum Peat, Sledge Peat, and Diatomaceous earth (calcium snail shells). The mushroom compost comes from Abbotsford and has to be fully matured to reduce the chances of incorporating weeds. These products are then carefully blended in Quesnel and shipped to us in large-capacity trucks. We then store it in bins and reload the product into our delivery trucks or our customer's vehicles and trailers.


How Do I Get Some Garden Mix?

There are a few ways you can get some Garden Mix. We sell it in any quantity you require, you can even bring your pails, totes or garbage can and fill them up. We will provide the shovel.


Get it Loaded: Come on down to 180 River Road, and we can load your vehicle or trailer. We have a convenient drive-thru window, so you do not even need to get out of your vehicle. The drive-thru accepts cash, debit and credit cards. You can also preorder at if you prefer.


Get it Delivered: We have multiple delivery trucks of various sizes so you always have the right truck for the job. Our trucks are smaller and more agile than most, so we won't tear up your driveway or try to back in a trailer. The easiest way to book a delivery is to visit, click the product you are looking for, choose a delivery date, pay, and get it delivered, often on the same day. The website even lets you choose your dump location using a Google Maps pin.


Get it Bagged: We have bags with a maximum of one cubic yard. These bags help keep the soil contained when you don't have a great place to dump it. These bags can be delivered to your location or loaded onto your truck or trailer.

Have any other questions? We are happy to assist in any way we can. Call us at 778-349-7623 or email



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